About 260 Ukrainians are blocked from the Gazi Sector – Zelensky

President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that there are as many as 260 Ukrainians in the Gazi Strip, diplomats are working together with their partners for their evacuation.

Dzherelo: evening beast president

Straight language: “Ukrainian diplomats, intelligence, and security forces continue to work to help our citizens who arrived at the Close Gathering – in Israel and on the territory of the Gazi Strip.

The evacuation of Ukrainians from Israel is worrying. More than 200 people have already been transported to Romania – mostly women and children; new flights are being prepared.

We know about 260 of our people who are currently in the Gazi Sector. “We are going to impose blockades for the citizens of all countries, and we are working with our partners to evacuate our citizens.”

Details: Zelensky said that Ukrainian diplomats are ready to help the skin giant who needs it.

“Therefore, once again I am brutalizing all Ukrainians who may be behind the cordon and require assistance: at any time, in whatever way, contact our diplomatic representatives beyond the cordon,” the president said.


  • First evacuation flight From Israel with 207 Ukrainian citizens, flights took place from Tel Aviv to Bucharest on Saturday. Another flight with 155 Ukrainians was planned for the week.
  • Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets arrived in Cairo to help adjust the mechanism for the evacuation of Ukrainian citizens from the Gazi Strip. According to this data, the term of evacuation from the Gazi Stripdemand 243 Ukrainians.
  • Lubinets confirmed that the Ministry of Health of Israel on Saturday two years before the planned evacuation of Ukrainians and other foreigners from the Gazi Strip for unreasonable reasonscalled for such permission.

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