ABC: Three people die due to severe weather in Ohio

According to ABC television, as a result of heavy rainfall and tornadoes in American Three people were killed in Lakeview, Ohio. Their bodies were found in weather-damaged houses following search and rescue operations.

It is noted that currently United States of America At least fourteen tornadoes are raging in various regions of the country.

Earlier, in the American city of Clarksville, Tennessee, a four-month-old boy was sucked into a tornado. The tornado struck a portable home occupied by a couple with two children. The mother of a four-month-old child, Sydney Moore, said that the hurricane tore off the roof of the house and pulled her husband into the crater with a cradle where her son was.

Moore admitted that at that moment she and her husband decided that their son was no longer alive, but they later found his cradle on a fallen tree. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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