A US Navy ship hit damaged targets on the side of Yemen

CNN, in its communications to Pentagon officials, reports that the US destroyer shot down three ground-based missiles and a number of drones that were likely launched by Houthi militants from Yemen.

Dzherelo: CNN s sent to officials

Details: Pentagon Press Secretary Pet Ryder said that the Pentagon cannot yet say for sure what the missiles and drones were targeting. Moreover, it is clear that the stinks were launched from Yemen and went straight to the bottom of the Red Sea, “potentially to targets in Israel.”

In his words, the United States is ready to undermine its anti-anti-anti-missile defense at the Close Meeting in order to protect its partners and its interests in the region.

Another source reported that the Iranian-backed Houthis fired missiles to take part in the conflict in Yemen.

What blew:

  • 8 zhovtnya The Pentagon announced the displacementUS military ships, including an aircraft carrier and additional aircraft, are closer to the Mediterranean after the attack of the terrorist group Hamas on Israel and the further escalation of the conflict.

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