A two-meter shark was found off the coast of the Kuril Islands

Deputy Director for Scientific Work of the Kurilsky Nature Reserve Elena Linnik said that eyewitnesses noticed a two-meter shark giving birth off the coast of the Kuril Islands. Experts went to the place where the predator was found.

Nature reserve workers discovered the shark, but the cubs were not found.

Linnik wrote the following on her page on the social network VKontakte: “The preliminary message was that she gave birth to baby sharks yesterday on the shore, but, unfortunately, we did not find any, perhaps they were washed away.”

Earlier, 32-year-old Mumbai resident Vikya Gowari was the victim of a shark attack on February 14. While collecting brushwood on the river bank, he entered the water, where he was attacked by a predatory fish. The shark bit off most of the man’s left calf and ankle.

Gowari’s neighbors heard his screams and came running to help. One group of people took the victim to the hospital, while the other caught and destroyed the shark. More about this read the material Public News Service.

Message A two-meter shark was found off the coast of the Kuril Islands appeared first on Public news service.

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