A turning point in history – Biden explicitly explained the future of giving billions to wars

Among the four people, US President Joe Biden called this moment in history a “turning point” – a battle between secular democracies and autocracies.

Dzherelo: CNN

Details: Turning urgently to the American people, he said that at this very moment, we are trying to secure support for financing the wars in Ukraine and Israel.

Biden equated this month in Israel with perhaps 20 months of war in Ukraine. He called on Hamas and Russian President Volodymyr Putin to “totally defend today’s democracy,” and said that they “pose a serious threat.”

The US President said that supporting both wars in Israel and Ukraine is “vitally important for America’s national security.”

Biden, explaining that military assistance to Ukraine helps create jobs in America: “Let me clarify something. We send Ukraine the equipment that is lying in our warehouses. And, as ordered by Congress, we will replenish our reserves of power with new installed, brewed, which protects America and which is prepared in America.”

We are ahead of what the adversaries and competitors of the United States are “watching out for.” Biden spoke out against Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, which he continued to do in recent days. He became furious at those who suffered from him: “I want to tell you this: you are all Americans.”

The US President, having announced his recent trip to Israel, got in touch with Israeli officials and confirmed his support for the country. Having said that while staying there, he “suffers strong, determined, persistent, and also evil people from suffering deep, deep pain.”

He also repeated his routine of turning the American guarantors home to America, saying that “there is no greater priority for the safety of the Americans than the guarantors.”

In addition, Biden reiterated the decision about the two powers, saying that “Israel and the Palestinians still deserve to live in peace, security and peace.”

The US President is trying to draw a clear line between Hamas and the Palestinian people. He said that the militant group “does not represent the Palestinian people” and called it “like a human shield” among the Palestinians. He said he was “heartbroken at the tragic loss of Palestinian lives” and added that the United States “is depriving the Palestinian people of their right to dignity and self-worth.”

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