A therapist in Moscow mocked the death of the father of a boy patient at SVO

A therapist at Moscow clinic No. 140 was convicted of discrediting the Russian army for ridiculing the father of a small patient who died as part of a special operation. This was reported by the Mash Telegram channel.

The child’s mother said that the doctor arrived in the Russian Federation from Ukraine and, most likely, supports the Kiev regime with money.

It all happened in a branch of the children’s clinic on Jana Rainis Boulevard, where 34-year-old Anastasia brought the children for an examination. Her seven-year-old son began to act up, which did not go unnoticed by the therapist on duty. The woman asked what was bothering the child and, hearing that the boy simply missed his father who died in the Northern Military District, she noticed that the deceased military man himself was to blame for what happened. The doctor added that the child’s father had become a “legitimate target” of Ukraine.

The outraged mother filed a complaint against the therapist with law enforcement agencies. Soon the police will check the legality of the doctor’s presence in the Russian Federation, as well as whether she really sponsors the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It was previously reported that 70 billion rubles were allocated for the rehabilitation of wounded soldiers in the Northern Military District. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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