A terrorist attack near Brussels was carried out by a native of Tunisia, and he died at the doctor’s

Contemplating the terrorist attack, who shot two Swedish citizens near the center of Brussels on the evening of the 16th, died at the doctor’s office from wounds that were recovered from the wound.

Dzherelo: vidannya Le Soiras I quote “European truth”

Details: Belgian media reported that they sent a message to Dzherel that a person was injured, a police officer neutralized France– Abdesalem L. that he died in intensive care around 09:30 after the hour.

However, the prosecutor’s office confirmed the news.

The 45-river Abdesalem comes from Tunisia, but mostly lived near the capital of Belgium – Brussels.

Following the first data of the investigation, in 2019, a group of people submitted an application to remove the butt, and then approximately through the river, removing the vidmova. However, I decided to lose myself from Belgium until now.

According to the Minister of Justice Vincent van Quickenborne, the man was investigated by the police, in addition to illegal travel in the country, on suspicion of being involved in human trafficking and “creating threats to national security.”

In 2016, foreign law enforcement authorities passed information to Belgium that Abdesalem had radical views and was capable of becoming a jihadist. According to the minister’s words, at that time there were already a lot of such reports and none of them were blamed.

Recently, people from the center for refugees attacked Abdesalem, threatening him for everything. This person said that people in the region of Tunisia were never reinvestigated for terrorist acts. The audit did not confirm this, although it did indicate that Abdesalem has other problems with the law.

The Minister of Justice said that the Belgian authorities did not see any sign that the person was becoming a real threat.


  • On the evening of the 16th there was a shooting near Brussels, during which time the men shot two people. As it was going on, the attacker shouted “Allahu Akbar” and became a sympathizer of IDIL. Two of the dead were Swedish football fans. It looks like the attacker was cleverly shooting at them. The person arrived at the place and got off on a scooter.
  • Vranci of the suspected touched up in one of the districts of the capital, under the hour of delay, serious injuries were recovered.
  • France, where there was an Islamic terrorist attack on Friday and was also devastated by the height of the terrorist threat, after the outbreak in Brussels strengthened the security of the cordons.

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