A swan wounded during shelling dies at the Belgorod Zoo

Lebed, injured by shrapnel during the shelling of Belgorod, died. This was reported on the Telegram channel of the Belgorod Zoo.

It is clarified that veterinarians performed a complex operation and removed the fragments; the swan was under the supervision of workers, but could not overcome the shock.

The message from the Belgorod Zoo says the following: “The swan’s heart couldn’t stand it. It’s a pity. To tears”.

For safety reasons, zoo workers sheltered all the animals in huts for the winter, despite the good weather. Residents are also given special veterinary sedatives. Workers talk to the animals and encourage them.

“Our residents, like all Belgorod residents, are forced to hide from shelling,” the publication states.

Belgorod region borders with Ukraine. From Belgorod to the nearest border crossing – 40 kilometers, to Kharkov – 80 kilometers.

Ukrainian troops regularly try to strike the territory Russia using unmanned aerial vehicles, missiles and other types of weapons. Often such attacks are aimed at border regions of the Russian Federation.

Earlier it was reported that a kangaroo nicknamed Grundy died as a result of a Ukrainian Armed Forces shell hitting the Belgorod Zoo. Read more about this in material Public News Service.

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