A strike on the airfield in Berdyansk will reduce Russia’s capabilities at the front – British intelligence

British intelligence is aware that Russia’s loss of combat helicopters as a result of Ukraine’s first deployment of ATACMS at the airfield in the occupied Berdyansk region is directly related to the capabilities of Russian forces on this front.

Dzherelo: Intelligence review of the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain for 20 years, which quotes “European truth”

Details: Intelligence predicts that the 17th anniversary of the attacks on the military airfields of the Russian army near Berdyansk and Lugansk is likely to result in the deterioration of the “detail” of helicopters and air defense systems.

“Although the scale of the disaster has not yet been confirmed, it is certain that nine military helicopters of the Russian Federation were lost at Berdyansk and five at Lugansk. Ukraine is firm that it first stagnated the ATACMS long-range tactical missile given to the United States “, – they mean looking around.

Analysts write that until now the share of aircraft with fixed wings in the growing support of Russian forces was even insignificant and Russian defense relied more and more on helicopters.

The airfield near Berdyansk Vikorist was used by the Russians as a forward base on the active front both for logistics and for offensive and defensive capabilities.

“As this (spending) is confirmed, it is clear that it will affect Russia’s ability to conduct defense and further offensive operations on this front. And looking at the current focus on the Russian defense industry, as What will you spend to confirm, replace any device with a loved one? The mid-term outlook will be difficult,” the intelligence service says.

In the opinion of analysts, this also means even greater emphasis on those equipment and pilots of the Russian army, which they will lose from it, just as people and equipment are likely to be worn out/worn by intense wear.

“Є is realistic, the stroke in the Chergovs to snake the tape of the operational base of the management of the management dali linіaa to the front, the navantazhnnya navantazhnnya is Logistic Lancuzhuzhka,” – the Rosvіdka.

Tsyomu was blown away: At first glance, it was revealed that Kerch towneven if the Russian Federation updates after the disaster, it will be less possible to secure Russian transportation to occupied Crimea, as well as require significant resources of the Russian Federation to protect against new attacks.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba stated that the United States will continue to supply long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine on a permanent basis.

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