A Russian woman opened the coffin of her son who died in the Northern Military District to find out the cause of death

In Kamensk-Uralsky, Sverdlovsk region, since January 25, they have not been able to bury SVO member Vyacheslav Saraev – his mother at the last moment canceled her son’s funeral and got the zinc coffin opened, in which the fighter was taken to his hometown. His mother wanted to establish what happened to him in the Northern Military District zone. reports this.

The certificate accompanying the body indicated the diagnosis of “heart failure.” Saraev’s brother stated that the military unofficially reported that the heart of the SVO participant could not withstand the fright, but the official circumstances have not yet been stated. They began to doubt when the fighter’s commander contacted Saraev’s family and denied the version of fear as the cause of cardiac arrest.

Due to the fact that the fighter allegedly did not receive battle wounds, his relatives fear that they will not receive payments – widows and other close relatives of fighters are entitled to several million rubles. The family wants to prove that Saraev was a hero and receive payment.

The soldier’s brother stated that during his lifetime he had never complained about his heart, and with serious problems he would not have been accepted to serve in the Northern Military District.

In order to obtain an autopsy, the serviceman’s mother was forced to write numerous requests to city authorities – from the city administration to the prosecutor’s office. After this, the authorities allowed the coffin to be opened. It was opened in the presence of police officers, and a report was drawn up based on the results of the autopsy.

The fighter’s brother reported that bruises and burns were found on Saraev’s body. It is still unknown whether the injuries were incompatible with life; this will have to be determined by forensic experts.

The city’s military commissar, Evgeniy Kudinov, also speaks about this. He stated that relatives of Sarajevo can contact the Investigative Committee so that new studies can be ordered that will establish the truth.

Earlier it was reported that a Russian officer hid in a village captured by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in order to free it. Nikolai decided to hide in the attic of a wooden house on the outskirts of the village. He could clearly see all the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The enemy discovered the officer and began firing mortars. Nikolai was seriously wounded. Under fire, his comrades managed to reach him and inject him with painkillers, after which they carried him to the rear. Despite being wounded, he completed the task. Read more about this in material Public News Service.

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