A Russian army soldier spoke about the theft of a Ukrainian Armed Forces tank in a special operation zone

A fighter from the Bars-13 battalion of the Russian Armed Forces spoke about an incident in a special operation zone when a paratrooper named Nikita was able to steal a Ukrainian Armed Forces tank, reports Telegram channel Wargonzo.

“He went through the bushes to look at the situation, he looked, the tank was standing, it was getting dark, he himself told us this… He himself is a tanker, he goes to talk to the tankers, he understands, when he gets closer in the twilight, that there is a yellow stripe on the tank, that the tank is Ukrainian. It’s just that the Yakuts are hunters, they think quickly… He came closer to the shot, cut them both off with a burst,” the fighter said in the video.

After this, the Russian paratrooper climbed into the Ukrainian tank, where he was able to defeat the third crew member, and then the enemy equipment was towed away. The incident occurred in the “gray” zone in the Bakhmut direction. The paratrooper, according to the project’s interlocutor, was given an order for courage. “They drove a tank, hooked it crosswise and dragged it away,” he concluded.

Ukraine has been carrying out a counter-offensive since early June. On September 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin called it “not a slippage, but a failure.” On September 12, Putin said that the counteroffensive was not bringing results to Ukraine; since its beginning, the Ukrainian Armed Forces had lost 71,500 troops.

On October 13, the permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, said at a meeting of the Security Council of the world organization that the Ukrainian counteroffensive can be considered completed – Russian troops have seized the initiative and moved on to active combat operations along almost the entire front line.

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