A resident of the Kursk region was wounded as a result of shelling from Ukraine

A resident of the village of Lokot, Rylsky district, was slightly injured by glass fragments as a result of shelling from Ukraine. Two houses and outbuildings were also damaged. reported Governor Roman Starovoit in his Telegram channel.

The woman was given first aid, but she refused hospitalization, the head of the region explained.

Starovoit spoke about other attacks on the Kursk region from the Ukrainian side. A drone dropped an explosive device on a private enterprise in the village of Giryi, Belovsky district. The building and several pieces of equipment were damaged. The governor promised to help with repairs.

The villages of Guevo and Plekhovo were shelled in the Sudzhansky district. There were no casualties or destruction, Starovoit clarified.

September 26 Ukrainian drone reset an explosive device at an electrical substation in the village of Snagost, Kursk region. Seven settlements were left without electricity.

The Kursk region, like other border regions, is regularly attacked by Ukraine. Since October 19, 2022, by decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin, a medium level of response has been established in the region. The region remains at a high (“yellow”) level of terrorist threat indefinitely.

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