A resident of Barnaul locked her cat in her apartment because of a dispute with the tenant

An advertisement appeared in one of the public pages in Barnaul about a cat who may be in danger of starvation. The complainant claims that the animal is being held hostage. This was reported by MK Barnaul.

The woman who contacted said that the cat belonged to her son, and the pet was taken by the owner of the apartment he was renting. The citizen said that when her son left the apartment, the landlord came there without warning and locked the apartment along with the animal and the tenant’s personal belongings. The woman said that this is how the owner extorts money for the mess that was in the apartment.

The applicant did not provide details about the nature of the dispute between her son and the landlady. She stated that the reason was that the bed was not made and the dishes were not washed.

The tenant’s mother said that the apartment owner promises to give up the cat and things only when she is paid compensation for the mess. At first she named the amount of 5 thousand rubles, then the hostess increased the rate to 20 thousand.

The family filed a complaint with the police, but now fears that while the complaint is being considered, the cat will die of hunger. It is not known for sure whether the landlord does not provide food for the animal.

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