A permanent base for the Russian Navy will be established in Abkhazia

A new permanent base for the Russian Navy will be located on the Black Sea coast in Abkhazia. An agreement between the Russian Federation and Abkhazia on this has already been signed, reported President of the Republic in an interview with Izvestia.

“We have signed an agreement, and in the near future there will be a permanent base for the Russian Navy in the Ochamchira region,” he said.

Bzhania said that on September 30, the Republic’s Independence Day, a Russian small missile ship entered the Abkhaz port. The President of Abkhazia said that this is “a very modern ship with serious combat capabilities.”

Also, he added, Russia continues to provide the opportunity for Abkhaz specialists to undergo advanced training in educational institutions of the Russian Federation. According to Bzhania, military-technical cooperation between the two countries is aimed at increasing the level of defense capability of both Russia and Abkhazia.

The President of the Republic was in Russia on a working visit. October 4th with him Meets Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Russian leader again congratulated Abkhazia on Recognition Day and on Victory and Independence Day, which are celebrated annually on August 26 and September 30, respectively.

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