A number of victims died in Zaporizhia, the police showed a video of the attack

As a result of the overnight missile strike by the Russians on the rich surface of Zaporizhia, at least four people died. The police published a video of the attack on his heir.

Dzherelo: secretary Zaporizka for the sake of Anatoly Kurtev, police Zaporizhzhya region, first intercessor of the head of the Patrol Police Department Oleksiy Biloshitsky

Details: According to Kurtev’s data, during the hour of sound and ritual operations, two more bodies were found, so the number of victims of the attack increased to four individuals.

The jokes of the victims are troubling.

According to the police, the attack was launched from the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system.

Around the dead, there are three more injured people.

Law enforcement showed a video recording of the moment the rocket fell.

And the representative of the patrol police, Beloshitsky, additionally published a video of the first cows after being caught in a rich man’s car.

According to information from law enforcement officials, late Thursday, from 1:33 to 1:48, the Russians launched 6 strikes with S-300 missiles on the territory Zaporizhzhya.

One rocket hit the surface, crashing down from the third to the top. With tricks and vibukhov’s weeds, the order of the rotating living quarters and transport facilities was damaged.

Two other missiles of the occupying army targeted the territory of industrial facilities, and another one targeted a private building. Vibukhova’s wickedness and tricks damaged the booths and the Gospodar’s disputes. Fortunately, there are no casualties.

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