A coal mine collapsed in China, killing 11 people.

In China, in Heilongjiang province, bordering Russia, a collapse occurred at one of the coal mines, which killed at least 11 people, China Central Television reports.

According to journalists, the incident happened on Tuesday at 14.40 local time (9.40 Moscow time). The mine is owned by Heilongjiang Longmei Shuangyashan Mining Company. People died due to rock collapses.

It is noted that law enforcement officials began an investigation to determine the specific causes of the tragedy. At this point, the rescuers have completed their work.

Earlier, in Novaya Lyala, located in the Sverdlovsk region, the body of a traffic police officer was discovered in the forest. As FederalPress reports, citing an informed source, the man was returning home from an office party. Read more in material Public News Service.

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