A British man bought a tank and found gold bars in it

In the UK, a man bought a tank on the Internet and found gold bars in it. The Daily Mail writes about this.

According to the report, 62-year-old Briton Nick Mead collects military equipment. His collection includes about 300 tanks and other combat vehicles.

In 2017, a man bought a T-55 tank, manufactured in China on the basis of a Soviet one, at an online auction. The car was used in Iraq. The purchase cost the Briton 30 thousand pounds, which is about 3.3 million rubles.

While inspecting the new items in the collection, Mead found machine gun ammunition and five kilogram gold bars. Not knowing what to do with the find, the man contacted the police, who subsequently took the gold for analysis and storage.

The gold bars turned out to be Kuwaiti. However, the man never saw them again. He also did not receive any funds for the find.

Earlier, the Public News Service wrote that in Tyumen there was a man who won one billion rubles in the New Year’s drawing of the Russian Lotto lottery. At the moment, the process of registering the winnings is being completed – after deducting taxes, the man will receive 850 million rubles.

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