A blow to the village in Slovianska: two people are searching under the rubble

Under the rubble of a building that was frequently built as a result of the night shelling in the center of Slovyanska, according to the latest information, there are two people.

Dzherelo: press service State service in emergency situations

Verbatim: “As a result of the shelling, the ruins were recognized by a 5-surface group of people. According to the latest information, two individuals are walking under the rubble.”

Details: The ritualists of the Donetsk region and the establishment of the DSNS are performing at this place. Emergency robots are in operation.


photo DSNS


  • Zranka 17th anniversary of the Slovyansk MBA Vadim Lyakh informed about Night shelling of the center of Slovyansk in the Donetsk region, as a result of which the village was destroyed.
  • In his words, there were no casualties.

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