A bill on the right of NPOs to exclude founders was introduced to the State Duma

A group of senators and deputies of the State Duma has introduced a bill that allows the exclusion of founders of non-profit organizations (NPOs) at the initiative of their governing bodies. About this in your Telegram channel reported Head of the Federation Council Committee on State Construction Andrei Klishas.

He explained that NPOs experience problems with making management decisions if communication with the founders of the organization is lost. This may occur in the event of their death or liquidation of the legal entity, as well as due to their lack of interest in the activities of the NPO.

“The bill is aimed at ensuring the possibility of excluding such persons from the founders of NPOs, taking into account maintaining a balance of interests and preventing abuse by unscrupulous persons,” Klishas said in a statement. He also explained that the amendments offer a similar mechanism for the withdrawal of founders of religious organizations.

Also amendments contain obligation to notify the Ministry of Justice of Russia of changes in the composition of the founders of NPOs. In addition, the bill prohibits structures included in the list of undesirable foreign and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from being founders of NPOs.

The bill was introduced by senators from United Russia – Klishas, ​​Irina Rukavishnikova, Lyubov Glebova, Nikolay Perminov, as well as a group of deputies from the party.

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