“7Days”: Kirkorov’s behavior after returning to the Russian Federation surprised viewers

The behavior of Philip Kirkorov, who fled to the United States after a loud scandal, surprised viewers. The pop king of the Russian stage returned to his homeland to film the new season of the “Mask” show on NTV and abandoned his usual whims.

On the set of new episodes, Kirkorov behaved with restraint. He preferred a formal suit instead of bright dresses with rhinestones. Apparently, the People’s Artist of the Russian Federation is ready to make any sacrifice in order to return to the stage, reports 7Days.

Changes in Kirkorov’s behavior were noticed by music producer Joseph Prigozhin. He communicated with the singer almost immediately after the scandal associated with Nastya Ivleeva’s “naked” party. The husband of the singer Valeria admitted that Kirkorov could not find a place for himself as his career was collapsing.

At the same time, Prigozhin does not see the performer’s guilt, since he accepted the invitation out of a sense of duty: on the eve of the party, Ivleeva starred in his video for free, and in return asked to support her event.

The producer also noted that Kirkorov’s outfit at the party was not provocative, but the party itself was a provocation, and all the other guests became its target.

Earlier, critic Evgeny Babichev voiced the reason for the “cancellation” of Kristina Orbakaite in Russia. He noted that the singer did not speak out about the SVO, but she lives in the USA with her family. Alla Pugacheva’s daughter returns to her homeland only for the sake of earning money. More details in material Public News Service.

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