16 states demanded that Biden allow LNG exports

16 state governments filed lawsuits due to the fact that the leader United States Joseph Badien decided to temporarily limit the export of LNG beyond the power of the transaction.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton drew attention to the fact that such steps would not only harm the economic system of the region, but would also lead to chaotic changes in the oil and gas sector.

“The ban will lead to an outflow of billions of dollars of investment from Texas,” TASS quotes the text of his statement. The official shared data that the White House’s actions will lead to an increase in the number of unemployed citizens.

Let us recall that Phil Giraldi shared information that former Deputy Secretary General of the United States of America Victoria Nuland has not lost the way to preach Russophobic ideas, influencing the government of the state. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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