10th grade and college entry patterns may change

The pattern of transitioning from 9th to 10th grade and entering college will likely change. This was stated by the head of the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science Anzor Muzaev at an all-Russian meeting with parents.

Muzaev called the existing mechanism not meeting modern requirements, since “specialists already understand that the competition for certificates does not work.”

“This year I don’t think there will be any changes, but in the near future the model of transition to the 10th grade, as well as admission to secondary vocational education institutions (secondary vocational education) in terms of the number of exams, in approaches [изменится]because it does not meet modern requirements,” the head of Rosobrnadzor emphasized.

At the same time, according to Muzaev, school graduates in 2024 don’t expect serious changes in the Unified State Examination. The innovations will be targeted, for example, the ability to change the choice of passing specialized or basic mathematics after submitting documents for the Unified State Exam, submitting a remote application for the exam, reducing the processing time for results in computer science, moving the date of the final essay from May to April, said Deputy Head of Rosobrnadzor Igor Kruglinsky.

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